Ground Penetrating Radar and tree roots
Ground Penetrating Radar and tree roots
Tree Radar root surveys - Analysing tree root distribution using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
Tree Radar root surveys - Analysing tree root distribution using Ground Penetrating Radar  (GPR)

Using the radar antennae

Use of the GPR involves moving the radar antenna across the site

Assessing the trees on site

Tree roots may come from a variety of trees. An arboricultural assessment on site is undertaken to identify the most likely sources of roots and any possible confusion between trees.



Analysing the results

GPR data requires analysis back in the office to make sense of it and to consider all the issues identified on any site. We use the latest software to produce the best results.



Reporting & Advising

What's the problem? Understanding the problem fully allows us to provide as full advice as possible and, we hope, a solution to the defined problem.

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